Are you addicted to Animal Products?

Animal ProductsWe hear a lot about being addicted to refined sugar and that is absolutely correct. I know I was one of those individuals.

But rarely do we hear of one being addicted to animal products.

In my 33 years of being in the health industry and seeing over 30,000 clients I conclude that yes we can be addicted to animal foods.
I remember a Medical Doctor who came to my lecture on health and nutrition and he told me the following “You know Millan, I decided I would eat only plant base foods so I stopped eating my daily portions of meats and I became so weak, lethargic and head-achy, I had to start back up eating my meat products to feel better”.

The reason one feels this way is because our body goes into a state of detox. That is a great indication that animal products are not healthy to eat. In Veggies there is only 6% toxic residue and in animal there is 55% toxic residue. The cravings for meats can be overwhelming for some and as in the case of this MD downright uncomfortable. I say hang in there, this too shall pass. How one feels after is absolutely worth the transition. But even today the smell of frying bacon can stimulate me and I haven’t eaten bacon for 23 years. People make choices in life, either be healthy, looking good and feeling full of energy OR get cancer, heart disease, diabetes and be sick and tired.

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