What is a Cleansing Crisis?

This can be a very complicated and confusing subject in the field of health.

Having been in the detox/weight loss profession for over 33 years I have seen it all.

A person will incur a cleansing or healing crises when one changes the diet to remove toxic foods or fasts.

I remember a medical doctor who attending my lecture on fasting stated to me “I cut out all animal foods and felt so weak and lethargic I returned to eating it because I simply did not like the way I felt.” He did not realize it but he was experiencing a cleansing crises. This is not a bad situation; it really is a very good indicator that the body is returning to a healthy state. We are living in such a toxic environment, with all of the chem trails, vaccinations, additives, preservatives, dyes, chemicals, toxins, poisons and free radicals, we are ingesting. It is no wonder people are putting on weight, feeling so very tired, listless and can’t think straight.

chem trailsCleansing Crisis Symptoms

A few symptoms of a cleansing crises are:

  • cold symptoms
  • headache
  • lethargy
  • weakness
  • flu symptoms
  • back aches
  • pimples
  • boils
  • achy joints
  • fever

just to name a few.

At my fasting retreat I am always concerned when someone does not have any symptoms at all. This tells me it will take longer for these impurities to leave the body. When they do I tell them “go lie down” this too shall pass. When it does pass they always feel so much better after the cleansing crises subsides.

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