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Worm in Waste during Detox

Worm in Waste during Detox

Below are old waste photos taken from the book
“Bowel Management and Tissue Cleansing” by author Bernard Jensen.

Cleansing Results Cleansing Results
Colon Cleansing Results Colon Cleansing Results

About Colonic Cleansing

Your colon is like the sewage system of the body and because an improper diet often consisting of refined and processed foods including too much flesh food, dairy, processed foods, white flour and white sugar, it clogs. There is no fiber in these foods. Putrefactive bacteria multiplies and gets reabsorbed into the system, putting the body in a state of auto intoxication. That is why bowel movements are foul in odor, which should not be the case. A healthy person should not have bowel movements with foul odor. By cleansing, your body will better absorb and assimilate nutrients. This raises the immune system, resulting in high physical energy, greater health, weight loss, and overall well being. Thousands of people have stated, “I lost my craving for junk food when I did the Home Colonic Cleansing Kit.” “I lost weight and I now crave more vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

toxic_colonI have seen actual autopsies of colons with so much impacted waste.  I theorize the average American is carrying around 5-15 pounds of fecal material.  That is why we see so many pot bellies The first part of the body that shrinks  from Internal Cleansing is the waist.

The New England of Journal Medicine states that 50% of Americans will contract cancer before they die, and studies show that this is caused mainly by eating animal and junk foods. These incidences of cancer are often caused by a poor diet and by the buildup of toxic materials in the colon. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. author of “Eat to Live” states that 70% of Americans are overweight. We are addicted to animal products, processed foods and junk foods but don’t know how to stop eating these foods. Patients that have done the Home Colonic Cleansing Kit have stated numerous times that they stopped the vicious cycle of compulsive eating and the addiction to the wrong foods. Studies have shown that certain foods are the reason many men and women past forty years old have low libidos. Certain foods have also been blamed on depression and all kinds of mental problems. These are the foods your body was never created to eat.

Using the Home Colonic Cleansing Kit in conjunction with the various health and detox products offered on our website will greatly improve your mental and physical well being, slow the aging process and greatly decrease your chances of being affected by disease or illness.