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Sleep 8 hours daily Eat veggies, legumes,raw nuts and seeds, fruits, grain Detox periodically No animal protein No refined carbs Have hope, vision, and purpose Connect with Godly people and God No stress Prayer daily Exercise regularly, cardio a must Read as much as possible Work your muscles Serve others and show them love REMEMBER Read More


Toxins in Animal Products Dioxins are highly toxic pollutants that accumulate in the fat of animals.  So when you eat these animals you toxify your body.  Remember every 56 seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer in the USA.  Feed given to chickens have high amounts of Dioxins.  That would mean that people ate hundreds of Read More

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What is a Cleansing Crisis? This can be a very complicated and confusing subject in the field of health. Having been in the detox/weight loss profession for over 33 years I have seen it all. A person will incur a cleansing or healing crises when one changes the diet to remove toxic foods or fasts. Read More

Colon Hydrotherapy

What Are Colonics? The Popularity Of Internal Cleansing/Detoxification by Millan Chessman Colonics, lymphatic cleansing, ion foot spas, and cleansing herbs are the rage and hot topics in the health industry today and for good reason. The foods we are eating have hardly any fiber and nutrients, since there is so much processing of our foods.  Read More


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Lately I see so many TV ads on allergy medications, so I figure this seems to be an epidemic. Why do so many people today have allergies? Because I am 75 years old, I can remember in years past, people rarely suffered with allergies; we’re talking back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Today we have Read More

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Which is better for me Fresh Green Juices or Fresh Green Smoothies? What is the difference between Smoothies and Juicing? First of all let me share the difference. Green juices are made with a juicer and are the liquid only. Green smoothies are made with a powerful blender and contain the fiber. I will tell Read More

I want to share with you a recent treatment I experienced that still has me in shock. In September 2001, I went to Croatia. I experienced extreme sleepiness during and after my trip. I thought I had contracted a parasite, since I was drinking the water and later found out the water was not that Read More

What causes digestive issues? The reason we have digestive issues is because of what we are putting into our bodies.  We have a similar digestive system as herbivores; an animal that eats only plants.  Our small intestine is 20-22 feet long and our colons are 5-5 1/2 feet long,  very similar to an herbivore digestive tract.  We were created Read More