Should I exercise while fasting?

Exercising while Fasting and DetoxingSome people ask if they can exercise while they are fasting.  It really depends on the person, their age, how toxic they are, if they have ever detoxed before, how healthy they are, and if they have cleansed and fasted in the past.  Remember; the body is dumping impurities.  When cleansing happens, you may feel lethargic and weak.  Your intestinal system may be more active then you are used to, so you may need to lie down and rest.

Is cardio good while fasting?

After doing cardio you may need to have a bowel movement since you are taking 32 different cleansing herbs at my fasting retreat. A person may feel energized about 3-4 days into their fast.  Then they may want to do some fast walking, or cardio to intensify their weight loss goals.  There is nothing set in stone as to whether to exercise or not.  Cleansing and detoxing  uses your  energy levels  to release toxins, so if you do not feel enough energy from drinking the green juices, just rest rest rest.

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