Food CombiningFor 33 years in the health field, I have always felt that food combining was insignificant.  A great article from Vegetarian Times verifies this stating “food combining is a nutritional philosophy”.

A healthy  digestive track will be sufficient to digest all of your foods even though some foods digest quicker than others.  International Journal of Obesity study found no evidence that a food combining diet was any more effective at reducing excess weight. What you need to remember here is eating healthy plant foods exclusively is the most important concern to obtain optimum health, weight loss  maintenance and for the best digestion benefit.  Remember after age 40 most individuals need digestive enzymes.  I believe it is so very important to have the confidence to know that your body is receiving all of the nutrients from the foods we eat.  Unfortunately so many foods lack the proper nutrients. If you want to see a healthy 75 year old that has eaten plant base for 23 years go to and

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