Which is better for me Fresh Green Juices or Fresh Green Smoothies?

detoxifying green smoothie selective focusWhat is the difference between Smoothies and Juicing?

First of all let me share the difference. Green juices are made with a juicer and are the liquid only. Green smoothies are made with a powerful blender and contain the fiber.

I will tell you my story. For many years I offered juices at my fasting retreat. I then had a client that stayed at my retreat and told me his story. He had hepatitis C and as you know there is no cure for this disease. He drank 1 quart of organic green smoothies for three months. He then went to his doctor and had tests done to see the status of his health condition. What they discovered was that his hepatitis C was in total remission.

I was so impressed with his story I read all 4 books written about green smoothies. I now offer it to my fasting clients with great success. The main reason I offer it to my clients is because the fiber absorbs the toxins and fat. Most of my clients, 98% of them, want to lose weight. They are quite successful and the inches lost is very impressive.

I myself drink 1 quart daily rotating the vegetables and my vision has dramatically improved. My vision tested in 1998 required my reading glasses to be 350. Then in 2014 I had my vision tested again and my vision improved to a dramatic 125.

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