Soy Bad Rap

What is the deal with Soy? I remember speaking to a large group of people and brought up the subject of eating soy products. A lady sitting in the very back stood up and totally condemned me for the praises I gave about ingesting soy.  She became very upset and said soy was very bad Read More


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Probiotics in real food

Probiotics are part of my Fasting Retreat program.  These are beneficial organisms that your body naturally produces IF you eat  healthy, God made foods. Here at the Fasting Retreat in CA they are added to the juices provided during your stay. Ideally we need 80% probiotics and 20% coliform bacteria.  Unfortunately due to our standard Read More


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Allergies and Diet It is very important to remember the body needs to periodically detox for optimum health. We are continuously being exposed to carcinogens, toxins, poisons and free radicals, from the unhealthy food we eat, air we breathe and bad water we drink. This will expedite aging.  What’s a non-allergenic diet? Well, it’s a Read More


Do you ever wonder which water is best for your health and body? Spring water, alkalize water, reverse osmosis, filtered water, distilled water etc.? Distilled Water There are 4 books written about water and they all advocate distilled water as the purest of all. I have been drinking distilled water for over 35 years and Read More

Did you know

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Did you know that chicken has more carcinogens, cancer causing criptocides than beef. Read the book Conquest of Cancer by Virginia Livingston, MD Do you think you are eating healthy because your doctor tells you to eat fish and chicken? Did you know there is more protein in spinach than beef? No one suffers from Read More

chem trails

What is a Cleansing Crisis? This can be a very complicated and confusing subject in the field of health. Having been in the detox/weight loss profession for over 33 years I have seen it all. A person will incur a cleansing or healing crises when one changes the diet to remove toxic foods or fasts. Read More

Colon Hydrotherapy

What Are Colonics? The Popularity Of Internal Cleansing/Detoxification by Millan Chessman Colonics, lymphatic cleansing, ion foot spas, and cleansing herbs are the rage and hot topics in the health industry today and for good reason. The foods we are eating have hardly any fiber and nutrients, since there is so much processing of our foods.  Read More


Ever wonder why 80% of Americans are overweight? Other countries do not have this problem except Australia. I have and I think I know why.  There are many factors to consider: Diet ….what are people eating?  This is the most important factor to take into consideration.  Want to slim down? Cut out all animal products Read More

Fasting Retreats

It always amazes me to read articles regarding fasting, the oldest means of treating sickness and disease.  These articles are always written by doctors of all sorts that write as though  they  know all about fasting.  Interestingly most of the time they have never fasted themselves. Where they get their information I do not know Read More

detoxifying green smoothie selective focus

I am always amazed when my clients tell me that staying at my fasting retreat is just what they needed to get them on the right track at eating healthy, and the weight just falls off.  You see at my fasting retreat one learns so much about the most recent studies showing how beneficial a Read More

Food Combining

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Food Combining

For 33 years in the health field, I have always felt that food combining was insignificant.  A great article from Vegetarian Times verifies this stating “food combining is a nutritional philosophy”. A healthy  digestive track will be sufficient to digest all of your foods even though some foods digest quicker than others.  International Journal of Read More


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Lately I see so many TV ads on allergy medications, so I figure this seems to be an epidemic. Why do so many people today have allergies? Because I am 75 years old, I can remember in years past, people rarely suffered with allergies; we’re talking back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Today we have Read More