What causes digestive issues? The reason we have digestive issues is because of what we are putting into our bodies.  We have a similar digestive system as herbivores; an animal that eats only plants.  Our small intestine is 20-22 feet long and our colons are 5-5 1/2 feet long,  very similar to an herbivore digestive tract.  We were created Read More

Should I exercise while fasting? Some people ask if they can exercise while they are fasting.  It really depends on the person, their age, how toxic they are, if they have ever detoxed before, how healthy they are, and if they have cleansed and fasted in the past.  Remember; the body is dumping impurities.  When Read More

The Popularity Of Internal Cleansing/Detoxification by Millan Chessman Colonics, lymphatic cleansing, ion foot spas, cleansing herbs are  the rage and hot topics in the health industry today and for good reason. The foods we are eating have hardly any fiber and nutrients, since there is so much processing of our foods.  The average American is Read More

Fasting Process for breaking a fast It will always be a different approach depending on how long you fast. For example if you have been fasting for 7 days you want to break your fast with fruits, veggies, next day add grain, legumes, nuts and seeds. If you fast longer, for example for 2 weeks, Read More

Human touch is essential for babies to develop and thrive. Research shows that it’s just as vital for adults as it is for newborns. We can receive God’s love through human touch. In jail, prisoners don’t touch and on the streets, they would not as well. When Christian volunteers go to the prisons to minister Read More

Fasting diets have been criticized in the past but scientists at the university discovered fasting several days can trigger the body to start producing new white blood cells. When you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the Read More

There has been a tug in our hearts to do something for the poor and needy. We have been blessed immensely and want to pass the blessings on to others. This has led us to travel to a very poor country of neglected and abandoned Messianic Jewish people in Ethiopia. We plan to help and Read More

It is so important to listen to your body.  When it tells you “I’m hungry”, eat .  It is this nutritionist’s opinion you don’t eat if you are not hungry.  A good juice smoothy is the perfect food in the morning.  Remember during your sleep period your body has been dumping toxins, free radicals and Read More

I had my vision tested in 1998, resulting in prescription glasses strength of 350.  Those are strong prescription glasses. Last December I had my vision tested and the prescription strength went down to 171.  In 1998 I was 58 years old.  In 2012 I was age 73.  Yes my vision improved that dramatically!!  why is Read More

My son in law had severe pink eye for 7 days.  It was so bad he had to wear what he called the pirate patch.  He drank a big old chug of my organic green smoothie and within literally seconds felt a sensation in his eye, like a tingling sensation and then stated that the Read More


December 10, 2009 Internal Cleansing

Constipation is a chronic condition which gets worse with age. One starts using laxatives regularly which is a poison and how they work is they convulse the colon as the body tries to rid itself of this poison and that is how the laxative works. I know of a nurse who has seen numerous colonoscopys Read More