Probiotics are part of my Fasting Retreat program. 

Probiotics in real foodThese are beneficial organisms that your body naturally produces IF you eat  healthy, God made foods. Here at the Fasting Retreat in CA they are added to the juices provided during your stay.

Ideally we need 80% probiotics and 20% coliform bacteria.  Unfortunately due to our standard American diet we actually have the opposite, resulting in a body with offensive odors from your waste breath etc. not to mention other health issues.

Whenever you receive an antiobiotic it destroys your friendly flora and havoc on your digestive system may occur.

What are the benefits of probiotics you ask?

They help with digestion, builds up your immune system, body odors are sweet smelling, brain function, and alleviates allergies, infection, IBS and chronic fatigue.

When you buy this at the health food store, buy from the refrigerator, powder form and read the label to purchase the highest amount of good floura. 

These have also shown to help in conditions of diarrhea.

Studies have shown that colon hydrotherapy does not destroy probiotics.  Colon hydrotherapy actually enables the body to naturally produce this friendly flora. This was concluded from a study done at a naturopathic  university.


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