Book: Cleanse Internally


Cleanse Internally is a book about Colon Hydrotherapy and your health.



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“Cleanse Internally to Become Younger”

The book every client must read.

  • 97 Testimonials spread throughout book
  • Tells the what, how and whys of Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Written by Colon Hydro-therapist with 33 years experience
  • Before and After photos
  • Interesting health antidotes and health research studies
  • Tells about detoxification

Letters to Author:

I’m writing you to let you know that your book has given me back the strength to go forward with my colon hydrotherapy business. I have been a registered nurse for the last fifteen years, and I have stayed in the hospitals because of the lucrative income. I have seen firsthand what orthodox, traditional medicine can and can’t do. Your book has motivated me to leave my RN career for my colon hydrotherapy business.
Thank you for writing your wonderful book. It was a great insight for me as a future colon hydrotherapist.
-Loretta Nichenko, RN

I have introduced my book to my clients and as a result my business is booming. It answers questions pertaining to them, which I do not have time to answer. I have sold all of the 10 books I ordered and now please send me 20 more of your books. Everyone is so impressed with your book, they are sharing it with their friends. Thank you so much.
– Alexander, Colon Hydro Therapist.

I love all the contents of what your book talks about, beginning with the health and your faith and your love for God. I love the chapter about fasting and what you had to say about it. This book is for the person who is suffering. They need to read this information. How you express the topic of fasting and its benefits is a must for all to read. I love everything about your book and how wonderful it is to read about all the testimonials. I have been a Colon Hydrotherapist for 19 years and I teach Colon Therapy and I know that from your book I can learn a lot more and teach in a better way, and what it means to be a good Colon Therapist and your book shows in such a marvelous way the benefits of Colon Therapy. I repeat again I love your book. I have already purchased 12 of your books, which I have sold and now I want to order 24 more of your books. You have motivated me in a new way especially to help my own health as well as others. Thank you so much!
-Bertha Canales, I-ACT member

Your book was interesting and easy to understand. I could not put it down.

I read your book twice. It was so informative in simple reading.

Now I understand the importance of Internal Cleansing.

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