Liquid Minerals


Liquid Minerals; Kelp seaweed is known and used around the world as a rich source of minerals.



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Liquid Minerals
Liquid MineralsWhat are these minerals?
Kelp seaweed is known and used around the world as a rich source of minerals. Ancient underwater kelp forests now remain as fossilized deposits of salts and other minerals, which form a unique and potent blend of natural elements. These are harvested to produce Liquid Minerals. These minerals are water soluble and assimilate instantly, beginning in the mouth. Warning- most other minerals do not get absorbed into the body.

Calcium and Health

An average adult’s body contains about three pounds of calcium, an important mineral that supports the entire body. Calcium not only builds bones and teeth, it promotes healthy blood, strengthens cell tissues, assists enzyme reactions and helps muscles (including the heart) contract and relax properly. Calcium is needed by every organ including the brain. It is valuable for tone, strength, longevity, vitality, endurance and healing of wounds. Calcium is commonly deficient in our bodies. Magnesium and vitamin D increase calcium absorption.

Our bodies use calcium every day, and if enough calcium is not supplied in the diet, our body must draw it from the only source it has: our bones and teeth. Over time, these calcium depleted bones weaken and osteoporosis sets in. To prevent osteoporosis and other serious health problems, it is important to take a water soluble form of calcium to replace the calcium your body uses every day.

Liquid Minerals is a healthful and convenient source of calcium blended by nature with trace amounts of such essential minerals such as iron, chromium, zinc, iodine, manganese, magnesium and others.

Users report not only improved health, but also loss of pain. A husband wrote of his wife’s arthritic pain in her legs, saying that after taking Liquid Minerals, “…to our amazement, in three days her pain was gone!”

Benefits of Kelp

People eat seaweed because it is full of vitamins and iodine, but one of the health benefits is its ability to remove radioactive strontium and other heavy metals from our bodies. Our minerals which come from kelp (seaweed) contain alginic acid which binds with toxins in the intestines, rendering them indigestible and carries them out of the system. Kelp is a great promoter of glandular health, especially for the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands. Kelp also supplies a natural source of iodine, which acts as an antibiotic to kill germs. Because iodine worked by stimulating the thyroid gland that controls the metabolism, it was noted that those who took iodine lost weight more easily. From these observations, kelp was then used to assist in weight loss. Kelp can prevent the absorption of newly ingested heavy metals. Our product is made from fossilized kelp yielding 84 trace elements. This unique product is in the form that makes all of the minerals absorbable by our bodies, making it the perfect nutritional supplement for overall body maintenance.

She recommends using these liquid minerals while doing a detoxification program.

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