Oxy drops -a great product to use considering that parasitologist state 95% of Americans have parasites and/or worms.



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OxyLife -a great product to use considering that parasitologist state 95% of Americans have parasites and/or worms. OxyLife is a liquid concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen made available to the body in a molecular form and release upon contact with the stomach acid. OxyLife is the highest quality and strongest and most stable of all the liquid electrolytes of oxygen available today. By providing the bloodstream with molecular oxygen it is possible to kill anaerobic (unfriendly) bacteria and other parasites on contact without harming either tissue or friendly (aerobic) bacteria. When extra oxygen is released into the bloodstream in this manner, though minimal when compared to the amount of oxygen entering via the lungs, it is very beneficial to one’s metabolism.

If the body can maintain a robust cellular oxidation, meaning that virtually every cell in the body is functioning well, disease is eliminated. When cell oxidation is diminished due to stress, pollution and junk foods, the body is opened up to degeneration, fatigue and sickness.

OxyLife has specific enzyme-enhancing qualities. When OxyLife hits stomach acid, it breaks it up into elemental sodium and oxygen. When this happens, the chlorite-oxygen molecule is separated from the sodium atom. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are released and this reaction destroys microbes in the water, making our oxy drops a good thing to have on hand if the water source is questionable.


As you know fungus is very difficult to get rid of permanently. I had this fungus on my large toe for 35 years and tried every thing to get rid of it including dangerous prescription drugs but it did not work.

I discovered the oxylife and have been using it for going on two years. I now have a brand new toe nail and all of the fungus is completely gone. I am so glad I did not allow the podiatrist to permanently remove my nail as he wanted to many years ago.

Cost: 60 day supply costs $24.95
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