Toxins in Animal Products

Dioxins are highly toxic pollutants that accumulate in the fat of animals.  So when you eat these animals you toxify your body. 

Remember every 56 seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer in the USA.  Feed given to chickens have high amounts of Dioxins.  That would mean that people ate hundreds of millions of  contaminated chickens.  Remember it is in the chickens and therefore also in the eggs.  That would mean a million tainted eggs per day.  Researchers have estimated that a plant based diet could wipe out about 98 percent of your dioxin intake.

ToxinsIndustrial Pollutants

Industrial pollutants play a large role in toxicity in  bodies of people in USA.  According to CDC agency the bodies of most women in the US are contaminated with heavy metals, toxic solvents, endocrine disrupting chemicals, fire retardants, chemicals from plastics, polychlorinated biphenyls  (PCBs) and banned pesticides such as DDT.  99-100 percent of the hundreds of women tested were found to have detectable levels of these pollutants circulating in their bloodstreams.  If you are pregnant you are passing these toxins on to your baby, especially your firstborn.  Studies show after a woman gives birth her own  levels have  lowered because she has passed them onto her newborn.  The 2nd and 3rd child born have less toxins than the first. 95 percent of umbilical cord samples showed detectable DDT residues and remember this was banned in USA decades ago.

Isn’t it time we think before we put these deadly toxins into our precious bodies?

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