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I could not have done this by myself

I wasn't sure what to expect on this retreat. Millian is wonderful she really takes care of you while you are in her care.  I was hesitant at first and wasn't sure but as each day went by it was great.  I could not have done this by myself I dropped 6 lbs although I really came here to get a jump start on better eating habits and didn't expect to lose any weight. I didn't think I could get through the day but the juice smoothies really did fill me up the best part was the veggie broth or fruit juice smoothie in the evening yummy.  This is not your typical spa setting but it's comfortable clean and full of love from Millian.  The treatments are wonderful the people doing the cleanse are wonderful.  Thank you Millian I learned so much and will continue on this path.

Diana S.

Personalized approach to cleansing

I really appreciated Millan's personalized approach to cleansing. I felt well nourished with the fresh juices and well-supported by Millan. She truly walks her talk and is inspirational. I appreciate the educational programs and the information provided on nutrition. She is a master colon-hydrotherapist. She serves with love.


Results were Awesome!

I wanted a place to be quiet while I did my 6 day fast. I didn't want the distractions of doing anything but hiking, reading and focusing on me. I have never done a fast with a colon hydrotherapy before and the results were AWESOME!!! I am a VERY busy mom and have had very bad insomnia these last 6 months...By my 3rd night I was able to sleep 7 hours was blissful. I din't come here to lose weight but I lost 5lbs...YEA!! What I saw come out of my body scared me...I am going to continue what I have learned. Millan is very knowledgeable, kind and an amazing woman with great wisdom. The home is simple, older but quaint and cozy.


You can't beat this price

You can't beat this price for what you get.  Stayed two weeks. Julian is beautiful. Had two awesome massages and experienced a Korean skin scrub which was incredible. Walked almost every day, participated in Zumba, and used the infra red sauna every night.  The colonics were very professional and it's a good time for one on one private counseling. Went to two nutrition classes and took notes and recipes from several books in the library. Watched informative videos every night.  Millan is a very loving,  caring,  and inspirational person.  She is there for you and you can ask her anything. Absolutely loved the salad and dressing I took home. Like everything in life, you get what you put into it and sometimes you just have to Get Over It!


Each Cell Felt Turned On

The morning I woke on my last day of this retreat, I opened my eyes to the sparkle of clear light peering through the pines surrounding my upstairs room. I felt like part of one of the pine trees outside the cabin, rooted in the healing earth and reaching upwards for more. Inside, nothing felt inhibited or weak. My eyes were clearer and each cell felt turned on and grateful to have been nurtured after so many years of habitual abusive intake of food, environmental stressers, and numbing medications. I would wish that so many people would take the courage, time, and money to do supervised detox. What an incredible investment. Millan's energy and passion for well-being is powerfully influential. Not only does she offer round-the-clock methods of whole system detox, but she enjoys every minute of the program WITH you. I watched and absorbed this 76 year old's inner glow through everything that she did with deepest appreciation and jaw-dropping awe. I trusted in her to help me and she did, period. If you feel called, come. Check your princess at the door, please. This is a domestic retreat and not a "white glove" doctor's office. Come with an open mind and heart and if you can do this,you will leave the way I am; happy and healthy and so much more prepared to face the next steps to come in my healing journey. Be well.


Personalized Approach to Cleansing

I really appreciated Millan's personalized approach to cleansing. I felt well nourished with the fresh juices and well-supported by Millan. She truly walks her talk and is inspirational. I appreciate the educational programs and the information provided on nutrition. She is a master colon-hydrotherapist. She serves with love.


Wonderful Experience at Her Fasting Retreat

This is the first time I have written a review but felt it was necessary to thank Millan Chessman for my wonderful experience at her fasting retreat in Julian.  I lost 6 pounds and 3 inches but best of all I am now like the energizer bunny, so much motivation and best of all, the energy to go with it.  My psoriasis is now gone, my skin clear and so many of my friends are now questioning how it happened (especially the ones that thought I was crazy to do this).  I had been to "we care" in the past, several times but found the personalized attention from Millan and the education on so many issues regarding how to eat, and why, so informative.

Thank you Millan


Regain my body's natural feeling of lightness

Your detox program along with some herbs for parasites certainly has helped me regain my body's natural feeling of lightness, healthiness and well being.

Removal of parasites

As you know, my primary health concerns were detox of the body and removal of parasites. I was very pleased to see round worms from small to large, 24-30 inches, make their way out. Obviously, your experience and skill contributed greatly to the results.

Appreciated your fasting retreat

As a person who is over 60 years old and have been concerned with the quality of my health as I grow older, I would like to say how much I appreciated your fasting retreat.

This has drastically improved my condition

I have completed her program of detox and now am eating only natures foods. This has drastically improved my condition. I know she the only reason that I am feeling and doing so much better. Thank you

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis

In June, 2004, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. A Colonoscopy had been performed revealing numerous ulcers throughout my colon. My doctor immediately started me on prescription drugs. I went a whole year without any major flare ups. Unfortunately that ended and I was again running to the bathroom with uncontrollable urgencies.

I was stunned to see the results of my cleanse

I was stunned to see the results of my cleanse at your fasting retreat. I Had no idea that old fecal matter was in me and all the mucous was caused by Animal based diet. I passed a lot of worms and that was shocking. It was The most beneficial thing i have done in my life. The ion spa pulled debris From my joints and i have osteopenia and arthritis..


Blood Sugar Levels Improved

blood-suger levelsBefore retreat my blood sugar glucose read 560. after retreat blood sugar glucose read 110. Barre was a type 2 diabetic and states the following: had angina pain and needed to take 2 nitro glycerin tablets at night as I had coronary artery disease, chest pains etc now I take long walks and do not take the nitro glycerin tablets as no longer have pain. Had like stage 4 heart disease and Dr. said there is nothing more I can do for you. I could not walk more than 100 yards. Had worse than average arteriosclerosis. After 2 days at retreat never had to take another patch. Now I walk 40 minutes with no pain.

Barre Bernhardt

I chose to live...

I want to thank Millan Chessman for saving my life and re-educating me on life and food. She's the best. I've tried other Natural healing retreats but Millan Chessman is hands down the best. I chose to live, not exist with a illness. I recommend Millan Chessman to everyone.

Tacheeta Lopez  2 time Grammy nominee top music performer

Thank you for the wonderful retreat

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful retreat that you hosted. You made me feel so comfortable and taken care of during my time in Julian and I very much appreciate it. I think the detox and fasting would've have been much more difficult had it not been for the care that you took with each of us.

I feel as though my life will be inextricably different because of this experience and I have to thank you for making it all happen. I think what you are doing for people is truly inspiring and I hope you continue to do it for many years to come.

Kindest regards,


Millan, I owe you my life

Fasting Retreat Lost 100 pounds


Improved Health

Thanks so much for this last week.

My husband and I were both overweight, he was a diabetic and I had a chronic cough. Also bowels had been completely stopped up only three months ago.

Larry was diabetic and now his blood sugar is normal. When we came to your retreat, Larry’s blood sugar was anywhere from 150 to 190 first thing in the morning. He was taking prescription medications (2 avandamet every day). Even though he’d also made some changes to his diet (eliminating sweets) and he’d started exercising, his blood sugar was not going down. At the fasting retreat his blood sugar went down and on day 6 it was 85. It has not gone above 110 all day. That’s the lowest it’s ever been since we found out he was diabetic and started testing. It is now in the normal range. This morning he felt rested and has a lot more energy and his mind is clearer. We forgot to bring his medicine, so the lower blood sugar levels were obtained without medicine!!!! We won’t be refilling that prescription.

My chronic cough is totally gone, which I had for 3 months.

We walk every morning and the area around the retreat is so beautiful and so is the weather. Larry’s joints were hurting when we started, but that’s almost completely gone now.

We did the ionic spa at home, but here we get much more impurities out with your detox unit. We were amazed.

Larry found the colonics more gentle than the ones he had before. We passed a lot of old black waste, sometimes 6 to 8 inches and very smelly. We also passed worms from the parasite program. Unbelievable!

Not only do we feel healthier already after the retreat, we also feel that we know what we need to do to continue to get healthier. Thanks for all the information and knowledge you gave us. For the first time, I feel that we know what we need to do for the rest of our lives to stay healthy.

Aline and Larry

After Back Injury

As a fit marathon runner of 44 years of age I had never dieted, fasted, detoxed or sought detailed advice on nutrition. However, after injuring my back recently, followed by and a bout of shingles, I realized that I had to take more interest in how I fuel my body. I couldn't have found a better place to detox and educate myself about diet and nutrition than at your retreat

Firstly, although I live in London I was happy to travel to San Diego for a week. The location in Julian was like staying in a European ski resort at 1,200m. This made my stay very relaxing and the views when running or walking were spectacular. With a great Wi-Fi service, I was also able to Skype my family every day with no delays.

The program of green and fruit smoothies, intestinal cleansers and herbs in combination with daily colonics really got my body rebooted ready for a healthier lifestyle. I also had enough energy for daily exercise and never felt tired. The sauna and Jacuzzi were also very relaxing along with the amazing massages.

In addition the one-to-one care, nutritional advice, information sheets, DVD library and lectures really helped me to fast track my knowledge. The food prep was good fun and the meal to break the ‘fast’ was fantastic.

On returning to London I could already feel the benefit of the changes to my diet. I have already purchased a Vitamix Blender and have started to make green smoothies for my wife and me every morning. And my children aged 9, 7 and 3 are enjoying a daily fruit smoothy with us too!

My physiotherapist has assessed my back injury since returning to London and now believes are I will make a full recovery, which was not the case before my week with at your retreat!

I am now embarking on a much healthier lifestyle for me and my family following spending truly amazing week with you. Here’s to many more years running!

Thank you so much

Gavin, London England

8 Inch Worm

The first day of my fasting stay, I passed an 8” worm in the toilet. Thereafter I kept passing worms.

I have had lung issues in the past. I could only swim no more than 1 lap without great struggle.

By the last day of my fast I swam 10 laps. That is short of miraculous. I lost 2 inches around my waste and 1 ¼ inch around my hips in the 7 days of my fasting retreat.

With great emotion, I am ecstatic about this improvement.


Heal the Healer

Thanks so much for the wonderful rest at your lovely Julian Retreat. As a holistic practitioner of over 20 years, I realize the value of taking time to help others out also to – “Heal the Healer” so that we may be rejuvenated and help yet again.

The mountainside location is peaceful and serene. The accommodations and atmosphere are ideal and the colon therapy wonderful.

You are a blessing to me and so many others over your 30 years as a practitioner. Your compassion for others makes you a special person doing a divine work.

Note from Millan: Jessee is the owner if the largest Colonic Clinic in teh USA

Jessee R Brown

Many Insights

Cleanse InternallyI received your book. I seem to never complete books . During my detox out there I read some of your book every night well into being very tired, I couldn’t seem to put it down as I got further into your book I was more fascinated and finished it while I was out there! I came home with many insights, mentally, physically and spiritually!


The Sun Is Back In My Life

Before this cleanse I was on Zoloft pills (l00mg) and had a very negative attitude towards life and myself, not to mention the way I smelled. My body was so out of tune that I was like a mummy. I was very tired all of the time. Now after my cleansing program, the sun is back in my life. Thank you for helping to bring back my true colors.


Look Younger

I started your cleansing program and now my husband says my body odor is gone and all of the liver spots on my face have disappeared. This cleansing has made me look younger. I have lost weight.


Much Happier Person

I have not been very nice to my family, being grumpy and moody. Since doing your cleansing kit, my family says I am a different person to live with. I now know my brain is part of my body, and I have lost weight as well. Thank you so much.


No More Laxatives

I would go to the bathroom every other day and many times had to take laxatives. Now since doing her Home Cleansing Kit, I go to the bathroom every day and eat only God made foods.


I Lost 20 Pounds

Since doing the Home Cleansing Kit I have lost twenty pounds and it really helped me stop eating processed junk food. In other words I no longer crave garbage food. Thank you for this miracle.


Energy Level Increased

Since doing the Home Cleansing Kit my energy level has increased dramatically. Before I was always so tired and could hardly get out of bed.


Colon Cleansing

I have had bloating and excess gas for years. Since doing the kit I am amazed how much better I feel and my big belly went flat.


Regain Vitality

Thank you for your lifetime commitment of helping people regain their vitality! Your retreat is the best there is–I know! I researched them all and experienced yours, personally.

I couldn't believe the cost! I could not afford any of them until I came across A1 Fasting Retreat’s website and couldn't believe what I would get for my money. No one offered a colonic a day included in the price. I called, I went and now I feel a lot better. I will be repeating the process but this time for two weeks as I am extremely toxic due to years of abuse and need the extra time.

She is caring, knowledgeable and thorough in her program. She really cares about each of us. I couldn't recommend the program more highly. If anyone wants to talk to me in person about it, I am available.

Marla Anderson

Fasting Retreat & Weight Loss

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful fasting retreat and for genuinely caring about your client’s health.

I had already lost a lot of weight, but when I came to you I had been in a plateau for over one year, and no matter what I did I could not lose any more and I had started to gain back some of the weight I had released.

Signing up of your supervised fasting retreat and series of colonics did wonders for me. I was able to drop almost 1 size in 7 days, my belly flattened (I had never been able to get my stomach to flatten in the past since that’s where I carried the extra fat), I don’t have cravings for unhealthy food anymore, my skin looks wonderful, the swelling on my face, legs and arms disappeared, and I have adopted better and healthier eating habits.

When I came to you I had a huge uterine fibroid and it now feels about the half the size. I just had an ultrasound done and I will be getting the results in a few days, and I know that it will be smaller. As soon as I get the results I will let you know exactly how much smaller it got, compared to my last ultrasound.

I have recommended your program to 3 friends already and will continue doing so because I really believe that many people can benefit from it.

You are a wonderful lady, you care about your clients’ health and I am very grateful to you for that!!

God Bless You!!!


Severe Pink Eye

My name is Angel Guereca and on August 21, 2013 I had severe pink eye for 7 days. It was so bad I had to wear what I call the pirate patch.
I drank a big old chug of my wife’s organic green smoothie and within literally seconds I felt a sensation in my eye, like a tingling sensation and then I said to my wife “ the blurriness is slowly starting to dissipate”.

Millan states: “This what is given to you at our fasting retreat. We cannot guarantee this will happen to everyone. I read all 4 books on green smoothies before I discovered they are superior to plain green juices”.

Angel Guereca