Fasting RetreatsIt always amazes me to read articles regarding fasting, the oldest means of treating sickness and disease.  These articles are always written by doctors of all sorts that write as though  they  know all about fasting.  Interestingly most of the time they have never fasted themselves.

Where they get their information I do not know because so much of it is incorrect.  I have personally done over a hundred fasts and supervise those fasting at my fasting retreat  I can tell you the ailments, cleansing crises, healing crises  or whatever you want to call it is so very necessary and to be expected.  It is simply the body releasing the toxins, carcinogens and poisons from the body, and some experience this more than others. This is not a side effect.  It all depends on the age, eating habits, health conditions and toxicity of the individual. They gradually subside as fasting is incorporated on a regular basis.  I get concerned when I have a client stay at my retreat and simply experiences nothing or very little irritation, such as headaches, nausea, lethargy etc.

Fasting regularly one time a week for health or spiritual purposes is such a great habit to get into.  A person gains significant control over their health, how they feel and their  eating habits. There is a sense of self worth and well being that enhances their  life style.

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