What Are Colonics?

The Popularity Of Internal Cleansing/Detoxification by Millan Chessman

Colonics, lymphatic cleansing, ion foot spas, and cleansing herbs are the rage and hot topics in the health industry today and for good reason.

The foods we are eating have hardly any fiber and nutrients, since there is so much processing of our foods.  The average American is walking around with between 5 to 15 pounds of waste in their colons.  Look around and see all of the pot bellies. It’s  no wonder people are cleansing. Dr. Norman walker, author,  who lived to be 118 years old stated “death and disease begins in the colon”.

What are colonics? It is a procedure which gently cleanses the intestines of waste that builds up from a non fiber diet, mostly animal products, which have no fiber.  It’s like getting a bath inside the body.  The therapist is a gentle caring individual that has knowledge in this field.  Be sure she or he is qualified with proper training.  I am an instructor and member since 1994 of i-act (International Association of Colon Therapists). This is an organization with strict colon therapy safety guidelines.  Cleansing herbs taken just before the colonic provides a more successful cleanse. There is a florescent lit view tube where one can see the results of the cleanse.

One gentlemen, Richard Smith, took his blood pressure before his colonic and it read 171/102. After his colonic therapy he took it again and it read 151/88. That’s awesome! Another client whose face was half paralyzed from a stroke and could not smile on that side of her face, did a series of a 10 cleanse program and after, she was able to smile on the paralyzed side as well. Agent Orange was dumped on the American soldiers during the Vietnam war and one client who was one of those soldiers did a cleanse program and you could see all of the Agent Orange coming out of his body during the colonic.

No it’s not painful, embarrassing or offensive. Everything is contained in the closed system making it a very pleasant, comfortable experience.  After your procedure, you get that same exhilarated feeling you have  after you take a shower. Cleansed!!

Millan Chessman, author

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