Zumba for Your Health

As many of you know I teach Zumba.  You can see some of my routines on YouTube.  Studies now show that regular Zumba classes lower your white blood cell count.  Regular daily  Zumba classes are a part of my A One Fasting Retreat program.  The clients feel they accomplish more effective weight loss, and sweating which intensifies the detox results. 

White Blood Cell CountWhat Do White Blood Cells Mean?

Higher white blood cell count leads to rapid aging, inflammation  and cancer.  The lower white blood cell count the better. White blood cell count is an indicator of an unhealthy person resulting in  clogged arteries, high blood pressure and  heart attack.  The more overweight you are the higher your white blood cell count. 

Start by cleansing your body, then change what you are putting into your body, remember garbage in, garbage out.  The fasting retreat gives your body a jump start and gets you on the right path to optimum health. 

Would love to see you at Skyline gym Lamesa Ca. 10 AM Saturday.  I always give a little health information before I start the Zumba class.  You will love my routines I promise. 

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