Gas and waste should not be putrid

So what is the reason? It is simply what you eat. When you eat animal products, processed foods and are toxic you can expect to have nasty smelling waste. It can be so bad even the breath smells like flatulence. I remember having a date over sitting by the fireplace and my 5 year old Granddaughter sitting between us, turns to him and says “did you fart”? I was appalled. I said Ciara that is not polite and she replied “but Grammy he smells like he farted!” I knew his breath was very foul.

Plant Based Diets

If you eat strictly plant base and not waver your waste will not have that disgusting odor, I promise. We ideally should have 80% good bacteria and 20% bad bacteria, but because we eat so much animal and that creates all of the putrefactive bacteria, our bodies and waste smell very foul. The older we get the stinkier our bodies become.

You can go to some of the ancient cities like Ephesus and see the social toilets. People would each sit in a hole and have a time of visiting and discussing current events. I doubt very much their waste was odoriferous. That would have been very embarrassing and people would not want to sit next to each other. Their diet was not primarily animal products as we have today. If you eat healthy, waste will generally have a sour odor, but not foul I promise. People would not know that you just had a bowel movement when you exit a bathroom.

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