What causes digestive issues?

Digestive IssuesThe reason we have digestive issues is because of what we are putting into our bodies.  We have a similar digestive system as herbivores; an animal that eats only plants.  Our small intestine is 20-22 feet long and our colons are 5-5 1/2 feet long,  very similar to an herbivore digestive tract.  We were created to eat plant foods not other animals like carnivores which have a very short digestive system. When we eat animal products daily it pulls, narrows, stretches and balloons  the colon  creating digestive problems.  Ultimately this causes toxins and poisons to build up in our bodies.  We need to eat all fiber foods to keep our bodies clean, which I know in this imperfect world  just doesn’t happen.  Therefore annual cleansing, fasting, and detoxing is so very vital to stay healthy.

How do you determine good health?

By how you look and how you feel! Just look in the mirror.

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