People on a vegan diet that allowed them to eat as much as they wanted not only lost weight, they burned calories faster than their meat-eating counterparts and improved their insulin sensitivity–a key to preventing diabetes and obesity. The vegan eaters were compared to a group that followed a low-fat diet based on national cholesterol Read More

Drugging Kids

December 10, 2009 Nutrition

Combination of antidepressants or other mood-altering drugs and sleep agents are now routinely prescribed to kids– with little regard for how the meds will interact–according to a study published in the august 2005 issue of Psychiatry. Researchers found that American children were five times (or 20 percent) more likely to receive more than one medication Read More

Benefits of Soy

December 10, 2009 Nutrition

The soy bean was first discovered in China where it has been cultivated for some 5000 years. It is a staple food in the Far East and is referred to as the meat of the soil due to its high protein content. Soy is alkaline. That is your first clue as to how wonderful this Read More


December 10, 2009 Nutrition

Dr. George McGregor M.D. states: 2 out of 3 people die by what they eat. It takes 3 weeks to change your eating habits and 3 months to completely recover from the addiction of certain foods such as processed foods, animal products, white flour and white sugar. 76 million Americans get food poison, not flu. Read More

Kevin Trudeau author of NATURAL CURES states: A healthy person has little if any, body odor, they have no bad breath, no foot odor, their urine and stool do not smell, they sleep soundly, they have no skin rashes or dandruff, they are not depressed or stressed, they rarely, if ever, get colds, flus, heartburn, Read More

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